6 Reasons Why You Should Join a Tea Club in 2021

Are you already subscribed to a tea club? If not, I think you should really consider joining one this year. Honestly, I find so many reasons as to why I love being a part of tea clubs, but I will just limit my reasons to the ones below. Also, if you are looking for teaContinue reading “6 Reasons Why You Should Join a Tea Club in 2021”

White Peony (Bai Mu Dan)- MeiLeaf

Seller: MeiLeaf Description: Mid-aged Fuding White Peony to drink now or continue to age. Marzipan, melon candy, icing sugar, cement and winter air. Includes instructions for ageing tea. Origin: Fuding, Fujian, China Price: $0.46/g Overall Rating: Brewing method: Gongfu style: 25 secs and 15+ seconds after each infusion My Thoughts I bought this tea fromContinue reading “White Peony (Bai Mu Dan)- MeiLeaf”

Menghai Puerh- New Mexico Tea Co.

Seller: New Mexico Tea Company Description: This organic tea is direct-sourced from one family and one farm. The family prepares tea in traditional manner by hand-picking, hand-processing, hand-firing and hand-rolling their tea; they are true masters of each step. This hand-crafted artisanal Pu’er has never seen machines or chemicals, allowing for a great product todayContinue reading “Menghai Puerh- New Mexico Tea Co.”