Tangerine Puerh- Interview with JustPuerh

JustPuerh is a Canadian based puerh company that opened its doors in 2020. I ordered a few of their puerhs (Link to my instagram review) and they were very kind to include a tangerine puerh as well. I had never tried one before and had very little knowledge of them. It wasn’t until early 2021Continue reading “Tangerine Puerh- Interview with JustPuerh”

Rare White Petal Tea

I wasn’t planning on reviewing this tea on here but I have enjoyed it so much that it needs its own blog post! Meet Rare White Petal Tea from Rare Tea Co. I am excited to share my thoughts on this tea with you so let’s get into it! Name: Rare White Petal tea Origin:Continue reading “Rare White Petal Tea”

Will It Cold brew- Lishan Oolong

Hi everyone, I thought I would do something fun today and maybe make it a series! The idea, as you can see by the title of this post is, Will It Cold brew? Basically, will this tea taste as good cold brewed? I personally find it very disappointing when you leave a tea cold brewingContinue reading “Will It Cold brew- Lishan Oolong”

Purple Tea- Purple Chaa

*Get 25% using the code HUMMING25 until November 17th* Seller: Purple Chaa Description: Our purple tea is hand picked from the picturesque tea estates from Nandi Hills highlands, of the majestic Rift Valley in the beautiful East African country of Kenya. The hand rolled tea you receive goes through a different process than that ofContinue reading “Purple Tea- Purple Chaa”

Dong Ding Tea Taste- Bowl and Spoon

Yesterday, I watched a super fun Instagram live with Rie and Steven from TeaCurious. Every week, they do these Instagram lives talking and experimenting with tea. The title of this week was, “How to Test Tea Samples.” I won’t give you too many spoilers, but you should definitely go check it out. I was soContinue reading “Dong Ding Tea Taste- Bowl and Spoon”

White Peony (Bai Mu Dan)- MeiLeaf

Seller: MeiLeaf Description: Mid-aged Fuding White Peony to drink now or continue to age. Marzipan, melon candy, icing sugar, cement and winter air. Includes instructions for ageing tea. Origin: Fuding, Fujian, China Price: $0.46/g Overall Rating: Brewing method: Gongfu style: 25 secs and 15+ seconds after each infusion My Thoughts I bought this tea fromContinue reading “White Peony (Bai Mu Dan)- MeiLeaf”

Menghai Puerh- New Mexico Tea Co.

Seller: New Mexico Tea Company Description: This organic tea is direct-sourced from one family and one farm. The family prepares tea in traditional manner by hand-picking, hand-processing, hand-firing and hand-rolling their tea; they are true masters of each step. This hand-crafted artisanal Pu’er has never seen machines or chemicals, allowing for a great product todayContinue reading “Menghai Puerh- New Mexico Tea Co.”