California Tea House-Review

California Tea House kindly sent me a gift card with a value of $25 to experience and review some of their teas. After much deliberation, these are the teas that I chose and what my thoughts are on them. Teas Vanilla Creme Earl Grey Gunpowder Tea Bedtime Chai Organic Imperial Gyokuro Genmaicha Buddha Hand VanillaContinue reading “California Tea House-Review”

Water Sprite Oolong- Tea Runners

Seller: Tea Runners Description: This special Shui Xian oolong comes from a family farm high up in the Wuyi Mountains of Southeast China. The 10-100 year old plants are fed from mountain spring water and grown in a deep gorge that provides protection from the elements. Water Sprite oolong is spicy but slightly tinged withContinue reading “Water Sprite Oolong- Tea Runners”