Tangerine Puerh- Interview with JustPuerh

JustPuerh is a Canadian based puerh company that opened its doors in 2020. I ordered a few of their puerhs (Link to my instagram review) and they were very kind to include a tangerine puerh as well. I had never tried one before and had very little knowledge of them. It wasn’t until early 2021Continue reading “Tangerine Puerh- Interview with JustPuerh”

Rare White Petal Tea

I wasn’t planning on reviewing this tea on here but I have enjoyed it so much that it needs its own blog post! Meet Rare White Petal Tea from Rare Tea Co. I am excited to share my thoughts on this tea with you so let’s get into it! Name: Rare White Petal tea Origin:Continue reading “Rare White Petal Tea”

Will It Cold brew- Lishan Oolong

Hi everyone, I thought I would do something fun today and maybe make it a series! The idea, as you can see by the title of this post is, Will It Cold brew? Basically, will this tea taste as good cold brewed? I personally find it very disappointing when you leave a tea cold brewingContinue reading “Will It Cold brew- Lishan Oolong”

Glady’s Golden Milk- Steep and Sip

Seller: Steep & Sip Description: Gladys Golden Milk was named after one of our co-founder’s grandmothers. It may assist in reducing inflammation, aid in digestion, improve mood and brain function, and boost immune system. Ingredients: Cardamom, Cinnamon, Clove, Ginger, Pepper, Turmeric Price: $2.99/4 cups Rating: 5/5 Overview Steep & Sip is a tea company basedContinue reading “Glady’s Golden Milk- Steep and Sip”

Tielka Review

Overview Tielka is an Australia tea company that contacted me a few months ago. They sent me some of their tea in exchange of a review. I received three teas, which were a mixed of tisanes and pure teas, and came both in sachets and as loose leaf. Here they are: Tielka Breakfast Rose MoscatoContinue reading “Tielka Review”

6 Reasons Why You Should Join a Tea Club in 2021

Are you already subscribed to a tea club? If not, I think you should really consider joining one this year. Honestly, I find so many reasons as to why I love being a part of tea clubs, but I will just limit my reasons to the ones below. Also, if you are looking for teaContinue reading “6 Reasons Why You Should Join a Tea Club in 2021”

Hot Lavender- Ruby Lion Blends

Seller: Ruby Lion Blends Description: In an instant, a red-hot avalanche spilled from a cleft in the mountainside, pouring down toward the sea, where the captain stood, watching from his motionless ship. As the cloud of fire sped towards him, death merely moments away, he calmly drank his tea and snapped the perfect shot withContinue reading “Hot Lavender- Ruby Lion Blends”

California Tea House-Review

California Tea House kindly sent me a gift card with a value of $25 to experience and review some of their teas. After much deliberation, these are the teas that I chose and what my thoughts are on them. Teas Vanilla Creme Earl Grey Gunpowder Tea Bedtime Chai Organic Imperial Gyokuro Genmaicha Buddha Hand VanillaContinue reading “California Tea House-Review”

Yunomi Teas

Asamushi Sencha Kunpu from Ashikubo Teaworks Imperial Shizuoka Sencha Kuchikiri Gyokuro Saemidori Back in August, I decided that I wanted to expand my horizons a bit by learning and trying Japanese teas. Yunomi Teas sent me three of their teas to try out and begin my journey in the Japanese tea world! Here is howContinue reading “Yunomi Teas”