Rare White Petal Tea

I wasn’t planning on reviewing this tea on here but I have enjoyed it so much that it needs its own blog post! Meet Rare White Petal Tea from Rare Tea Co. I am excited to share my thoughts on this tea with you so let’s get into it!

Name: Rare White Petal tea

Origin: Yunnan, Spain, India

Ingredients: Yunnan silver needle, Spanish Almond blossom, Gujarati Rose Petals

Price: £10.99 for 30g

Rating: 5/5

The Tea Info

Rare Tea Co. is a British tea shop that focuses on making #teachange. Their aim is to: “source and supply the world’s best tea, directly from farmers and their tea gardens.” They also focus on redefining what ‘good tea’ is and stop exploitative tea industries.

From browsing their tea selection, I found very interesting/unusual tea offerings. I chose to get this blend because it sounded like it would taste elegant and gentle and spoiler alert, IT DID!

The blend came in a plastic pouch with 30g and the ingredients look absolutely lovely. The silver needles are a beautiful silver color and very fluffy.


I tried this tea two ways: (1) Gongfu style and (2) In a pot. Both ways tasted amazing but I think I will brew this tea in a pot from now on. More on that in a bit.

Gongfu Style

I used around 4-5g of tea in a 150ml gaiwan and did short infusions (20 secs to start.) I actually used pretty hot water (almost boiling) and the tea held up very well.

The color of this tea was a slight rosy color. The taste was very even throughout the infusions (Around 7 infusions give or take). The silver needle had a very elegant, gentle taste and at times, a yolk-y smell to it. The roses added to the aromatics of the tea and gave it a sweeter taste. Overall, I found this to be a very gentle, romantic brew- perfect for drinking and contemplating life.

Tea Pot

The second way I had this tea was Western style. I used this tea pot, which I rarely ever use but I think I will from now on because it was great for mindless drinking while I worked.

I put 2-3 teaspoons of tea and left it brewing for around 3 minutes. I got 3 infusions (but the last one was pushing it if I am being honest.)

The taste was a bit milder than when gongfu brewed but it was still strong enough to enjoy. For some reason, I noticed the rose flavor more when brewed this way (maybe the petals infuse better with a longer period of time?). Regardless, it was such a comforting tea to sip on. The reason why I think Western style is better is that I like to drink this tea and not focus on anything else. Gongfu brewing requires concentration and paying attention to the leaves and drinking this tea makes me want to do anything but that. This is a tea to serve to family and friends for sure!

Overall Thoughts

I am definitely impressed with this tea and I will for sure be getting myself more when this pouch runs out. If you are into white teas and like roses in your tea, check this one out! Let me know in the comments if you have tried this or anything else similar 🙂

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