Tielka Review


Tielka is an Australia tea company that contacted me a few months ago. They sent me some of their tea in exchange of a review. I received three teas, which were a mixed of tisanes and pure teas, and came both in sachets and as loose leaf. Here they are:


This tea comes in such fun boxes! It comes in a carton box and has polka dots all over the boxes. Inside the box, there is a brown paper bag, which you then open to find the tea (Both in loose leaf & sachets). The most exciting part for me was how informative the boxes were. They mention the ingredients list, origin of the tea (even for blends!), brewing information, and more. It’s a very original packaging and I appreciate the transparency.

The Tea

Tielka Breakfast

Tielka Breakfast is a Dianhong black tea. The harvest of this particular tea is from May to August and some of the tasting notes that Tielka identifies include cacao, raisins, caramel, spices and baked bread. I received a single sachet of this tea and I brewed it Western style as such.

Since this is not a loose leaf tea blend, I did not focus on the leaves as much and I will talk more about its taste and feel! From what I could see however, the leaves were small and cut but expanded to fill the sachet.

The tea soup brewed up a very strong red with tea particles, it was such a rich, beautiful color. The smell reminded me slightly of toast, which I was happy about as this is their breakfast tea.

I brewed this tea for 3 minutes, using boiling water and 200ml of water. The taste starts off flat and it is not until a few sips in when the flavor begins to shine. The most prominent taste was the raisins and toast, and had that cacao note, which I find common in Dianhong tea.

Overall, a really nice, daily drinker Dianhong! It was also the first time I have ever seen a Dianhong in a tea sachet, which I thought was cool.

Rose Moscato
Rose Moscato Tea Sachets

The next tea I received also came in tea sachets and I received a box with 12 pyramid bags. This was a blend of Wulu green tea, schisandra berries, hibiscus, and rose petals. I have tried this tea a few times already and I of course brew it Western Style.

The berries and the hibiscus shine through from the very beginning as the tea soup almost immediately becomes a red/purple color. The smell also radiates hibiscus.

The tea tastes very strongly of hibiscus and it overpowers the brew. If you are into hibiscus and berries, you will love this blend. Personally, I tend to stay clear of hibiscus, but there are exceptions (as you will see soon enough hehe). I am also not a big fan of green tea and so this was overall just not my cup of tea…pun intended. I tried getting a second brew out of each sachet but I find that most of the flavor comes out on the first brew.

Limonada Rosa
Drinking Limonada Rosa

The last tea that Tielka kindly sent me was by far my favorite…and my family’s favorite as well! Limonada Rosa is an herbal blend made out of lemongrass, hibiscus, and rose petals. This came as loose leaf tea.

The most prominent ingredient in this tisane is the lemongrass, followed by rose petals and hibiscus. The liquor is light with a pinkish hue due to the hibiscus. It is VERY aromatic as soon as you start the brew. It smells strongly of lime, very fitting for its name!

As soon as you taste the tea you are hit with rose petals and lemongrass, with a slight hibiscus note towards the end. Like I mentioned before, I am not a fan of hibiscus except for this tea. The hibiscus is so subtle that I find it enjoyable combined with the other ingredients. It is a very pleasant and relaxing tisane and I think it would work great cold brewed! I was able to reinfuse the tea once more and extracted enough of its taste without hurting the quality.

Limonada Rosa tisane

Overall Thoughts

Tielka has a wide range of selections when it comes to tea, tisanes, and its presentation (sachet or loose leaf). I was impressed by the transparency of their tea and I loved the boxes. I found the names of their teas/tisanes to be very fitting, as they capture well the essence of the tea. I loved the Tielka Breakfast and it was great as a breakfast tea. As for Limonada Rosa, it is quickly becoming a staple tea around my household! It’s so good that I even enjoy the hibiscus in it!! Rose Moscato was my least favorite but that’s understandable looking at the ingredients in it. Overall, I loved the selection that Tielka sent my way, thank you so so much! If you are interested in their teas, go check them out.

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