6 Reasons Why You Should Join a Tea Club in 2021

Are you already subscribed to a tea club? If not, I think you should really consider joining one this year. Honestly, I find so many reasons as to why I love being a part of tea clubs, but I will just limit my reasons to the ones below. Also, if you are looking for tea clubs to join, I will add a small section with some that I am part of or that I have heard of. Alright, Let’s get into it!!

1. Get out of your tea comfort zone

I don’t know about you, but I personally have my favorite types of tea (oolong, white, puerh- yes, in that order). While this is great, it limits my enthusiasm to learn about other kinds of tea. When I am looking to buy tea online, my eyes immediately go to the oolong section most often than not, completely ignoring the Black and Green tea sections. By joining a tea club, it forces you try things out of the ordinary.

2. Learn from tea

Depending on the type of tea club you are in, some tea sellers will include informational facts about the tea. This way not only have you amplified your tea selection, you have also expanded your tea knowledge. For example, I am part of the SoyTe tea club, where we have monthly classes learning about tea. Unfortunately, this is only offered in Spanish.

3. Discounts/ Exclusive Teas

Incentives for tea companies to offer tea clubs include access to exclusive teas, first access, promotions, free shipping and much more. White2Tea offers a great selection of tea sourced directly from China every month with free shipping worldwide!

4. Foster Tea Community

Being part of a tea club creates a niche of people and you can learn and talk about the teas you are both trying. For instance, I am part of the White2tea monthly tea club and every month I zoom a friend to try some of those tea togethers. This is a great way to get more involved within the tea community and share tasting notes.

5. Excitement every time you receive your #teamail

Honestly, this one is a big one for me! There is nothing more exciting than knowing you will receive new tea every month! Extra points when you don’t know what you are getting- it’s like Christmas every month of the year.

6. You are helping a small business out

Finally, many of the tea businesses that offer tea clubs are small businesses that have a fixed income coming in every month from these tea clubs. It’s also a great way for them to share with you their favorite teas.

There you go! Those are my top reasons as to why I think you should join a tea club in 2021! Now I want to hear from you- are you in a tea club? If so, what are YOUR reasons to be in one? That is it for me- I will leave you all a small list of tea clubs that I am aware of and that you should check out šŸ™‚

Tea Clubs List (Not extensive by any means!)

  1. White2Tea (I am part of this one- highly recommend it)
  2. SoyTe (Also a part of this one- 2 lessons a month: Spanish)
  3. Mountain Stream Teas
  4. Old Ways Tea Club
  5. Tea Drunk
  6. Yunnan Sourcing
  7. Tielka Subscription
  8. El Club del te- Argentina

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