Hot Lavender- Ruby Lion Blends

Seller: Ruby Lion Blends


In an instant, a red-hot avalanche spilled from a cleft in the mountainside, pouring down toward the sea, where the captain stood, watching from his motionless ship. As the cloud of fire sped towards him, death merely moments away, he calmly drank his tea and snapped the perfect shot with his camera, capturing all the majesty of the volcano in monochrome. 

Our blend of spicy chili, lavender and black tea is inspired by this intrepid Victorian photographer, who never let anything stand in his way. 

Price: $15 per 50g

Origin: Banten, Indonesia

Rating: 4.5/5

The Tea Info

Hot Lavender is a blend of black tea, lavender, cloves, and chili peppers. The tea comes in a beautiful black tin, which I appreciate for its beauty and for its reusability. I also appreciate that the tin contains information on steeping guidelines and a quick summary of the tea.

Their website offers even more information on this tea such as where the tea came from. Here it is:

Whenever possible, we’d like to show our appreciation to the farmers who grow, pick, and process the Tea for our blends. For Hot Lavender, we’d especially like to thank the following grower, and showcase some basic information about where the Tea comes from:

Grower: PT Harendong Green Farms
Teamaker: Dr. Alexander Halim
Location: Banten, Indonesia
Elevation: 900m (2,900ft)

The Tea

When I received this tea in the mail, I had no idea what to expect. In my mind, I couldn’t work around how the chili would blend with the lavender, as I associate lavender with relaxation and meditation. I was most interested to see how the chili flakes would add to the tea. Here is what I found:

Dry Leaves

Large black leaves and full pieces of cloves with substantial amount of chili peppers (I see both the skin and the seeds!) The lavender is not as prominent as the other ingredients- I was not able to spot it out in the tin. There was a fair bit of tea dust clinging onto the sides of the tin. I tried it but I still couldn’t figure out if it was from the chili peppers or the black tea.

The smell of the dry leaves is quite strong but not overpowering. I like this because the tea doesn’t feel artificial! I get a strong sense of chili peppers, cloves, and some slight spiciness.

Brewing Method

I am brewing this up Western style, using a teaspoon of tea for my 8oz cup, boiling water and steeping for around 2 to 3 minutes.

Tasting the Tea

The liquor of the tea is dark red/orange and verging into burgundy. The smell of the tea is very strong and reminds me of making enchiladas with my mom. (You use peppers as well and boil them until soft when making enchiladas!) I actually told her to smell the tea and she agreed it smells just like that!

I will say this, you can definitely taste the spice in your tea. However, you can also taste the cloves and towards the end you get a hit of lavender. It is a very interesting tea to say the least, but it’s awesome to see how all the ingredients work together.

I have tried this tea several times already since receiving it for review and every time the experience is a bit different depending on how much chili you grab. The first time I tried this tea, the chili was very subtle. The last time I tried the tea, I scooped up two big pieces of chili and some seeds and I definitely felt the burn.

As I already mentioned, all the ingredients work well together in this blend, and I find it quite balanced actually! The tea is smooth and the black tea is on the softer side- not bitter or astringent in my opinion. My stomach is very sensitive and black tea is usually hard on my stomach but this tea is soft enough that I haven’t experienced any issues.

Body Feel

Another thing I enjoyed about this tea was how awakening the chili was! I would definitely recommend this tea to get some energy in the morning or a picker up in the afternoons. Beware of the chili though, or you will feel the burn down your throat and up your nose!

Overall Thoughts

Hot Lavender is a super fun and spicy tea to try! The tea is balanced and has a really cool and unique taste to it. Its most noticeable features are the chili peppers and cloves. The quality of the ingredients is great and it’s honestly really fun to drink! Thank you so much to Ruby Lion for sending this tea my way!

One thought on “Hot Lavender- Ruby Lion Blends

  1. Chili is always such an interesting ingredient in tea blends, and whenever I’m feeling adventurous, I like to add them to my cart. I’m currently obsessed with a chocolate spice herbal blend that tastes like a chocolate chai with extra spice. Lavender and chili sound really unique though! I’m having a hard time imagining how a spicy floral tea would be!


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