2012 Shang Chun- Yunnan Sourcing

Wet Leaves

Seller: Yunnan Sourcing


Shang Chun “赏春” means “Springtime Reward”. We tirelessly blended a variety of different wild arbor and ancient arbor mao cha to create this recipe tea cake.  This is the 2nd year we have produced Shang Chun, and our blending method is basically the same. This year’s version is a bit stronger in taste than last year’s due to the unique character of 2012 spring teas.

Origin: Blend

Price: $7.50/ 25 grams

Overall Rating:

Brewing Method:

Gongfu: 3 grams/ 100ml. 20secs, +15 secs.

My Thoughts

Do you remember the first tea you tried that made you a tea lover? The first sip that made you turn twice and think, ‘Wow, this is WAY better than expected!’ I think this was the tea that made me feel this way about Sheng Puerh. In the past, I found Shengs to be too astringent or too strong for my taste, which is why I rarely bought these teas.

However, this Shang Chun was refreshing and very enjoyable. It was very light in the mouth, and the first sip always hit my palate with an explosion of floral, fresh notes. Overall, the taste was very consistent. It tasted like basil and sage, and gardenias. Even when I overbrewed it, it never got bitter. I did feel some astringency at the back of my mouth and at my sides but it was subtle.

My only complaint about this tea is that I got 5 infusions out of it. I prefer when I am able to brew my teas over and over again and the taste never dies out. By the 6th infusion, I left it brewing for 2 minutes and even then, the liquor was almost completely clear. It’s such an easy drinker that you just don’t want it to end.

Overall, this tea exceeded my expectations. It has definitely become one of my daily drinkers and I will miss it so much once it’s gone. 😦

Infusion Notes

Dry Leaves: Medium sized leaves. I could see up to two (maybe three) leaves.

Wet Leaves: Bright greens with hints of brown. Some twigs. Reminded me of a flower shop.

Body: Light to medium

1st infusion: I should have left it brewing longer. The taste was very weak but it was herbal. I could start to feel some astringency at the back of my throat.

2nd infusion: Explosion of flowers and herbs (sage) in my mouth that quickly fades away, leaving a slight astringency but with a really nice and pleasant aftertaste.

3rd-5th infusion: I started to feel some spice in my tongue, the kind that numbs and tingles your tongue. At this point, the taste begun to decrease gradually until it died completely by the beginning of the 6th infusion.

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