Water Sprite Oolong- Tea Runners

Water Sprite Oolong- Tea Runner

Seller: Tea Runners


This special Shui Xian oolong comes from a family farm high up in the Wuyi Mountains of Southeast China. The 10-100 year old plants are fed from mountain spring water and grown in a deep gorge that provides protection from the elements.

Water Sprite oolong is spicy but slightly tinged with sweetness, balanced with strong earthy notes and the distinct taste of honey brought out by this family’s award-winning charcoal roasting process.

Origin: Wuyi Mountains

Price: $19.95

Overall Rating: undefined

Tea Notes

The brew

This tea has beautiful chocolate mint notes that are accentuated by a charcoal roasted taste. I was impressed by the linger of the tea, as I could very clearly taste chocolate mint for an hour after my last sip. Throughout the infusions, the tea developed a spice that very nicely contrasted the mint taste. I could also taste the charcoal roast, which the packaging says that this family is famous for their process. It was a lovely taste!

The leaves were small, very dark, with hints of lighter browns. The liquor was strong, typical of what you would expect for a tea like this.

While I really enjoyed the tea and I would definitely purchase it again, I will say that the leaves were fairly broken, and there was a lot of tea dust at the bottom of my cup. Compared to other oolongs I have tried, I would have liked to seen a better picking. I would also note that the aroma was delicious, but the taste was even better!

Dry Leaves

All in all, I am very happy to have tried this tea and if you are looking for a good oolong tea, I would definitely recommend you try this tea.

Dry LeafMy Thoughts
AppearanceBroken leaves, irregular, black
Fragrancemint chocolate, sugary, sweet apple, spices
Wet LeafMy Thoughts
AppearanceLeaves did not open up fully, black
Fragrancefishy, aged white tea, moist, moldy, charcoal roasted
LiquorMy Thoughts
Appearancedark golden, bubbles on top
Flavorfizzy drink, roasted mint, dirty water, spicy, moldy
Texturelight but sticky
AftertasteVery clear and thin. Long chocolate mint aftertaste

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