White Peony (Bai Mu Dan)- MeiLeaf

Seller: MeiLeaf


Mid-aged Fuding White Peony to drink now or continue to age. Marzipan, melon candy, icing sugar, cement and winter air. Includes instructions for ageing tea.

Origin: Fuding, Fujian, China

Price: $0.46/g

Overall Rating: undefined

Brewing method:

Gongfu style: 25 secs and 15+ seconds after each infusion

My Thoughts

I bought this tea from MeiLeaf as part of their white aged tea study. The purpose is to try to see the difference that storing the tea under three different conditions would affect the tea for a year. MeiLeaf provided detailed instructions and sachets on how to do this. Before storing the tea however, they recommended we take detailed tasting notes. I found this really hard to do, as I could not express into words all the tastes and smells I was experiencing. In all honesty, I had two or three sessions with it before I was able to put into words what I was tasting. Now that I feel comfortable with my notes, I will begin the study.

I found this tea very different from other white aged teas. The dry leaf smell is very sweet and floral, yet it transforms when the leaves got wet. At first, I found the smell offputting, as it was very strong. It reminded me of wet cement or even wet fur. However, throughout the infusions, this smell began to shift and it reminded me of blooming flowers in the spring.

As for the taste, it was as if I was tasting melons and cement at the same time. Towards the end of the infusions, this began to change and I was reminded of brown sugar and milk, even some icing. The texture was so smooth and creamy, very easy to drink. In the last few infusions, the taste was very sweet and enjoyable.

I find that whenver I drink aged white teas, my mood improves, and this was no exception. From the first few infusions, I started feeling more relaxed yet focused. It’s a very grounding and overall happy feeling.

All in all, I am quite pleased with this tea and I would definitely drink it again and again.

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